Through our distribution facility in Perth, we can supply Western Australia with a range of new parts.

From, Sibre brake components, Wear plates and Cast machine wheels, we offer a wide variety of industrial parts to service the Pilbara and Gascoyne regions of Australia.

Sibre Brakes

WA Site Services is the West Australian service agent for SIBRE Brakes Australia.

SIBRE Australia stock a range of industrial brake & crane components. These products are extensively used in the mining, ports, steel and power generation industries on conveyor drives, stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders.

All components are manufactured exclusively in Germany, with local supply of complete brakes and spare parts for the Australian market, stocked in Melbourne, Newcastle & Perth.

SIBRE Australia is also the exclusive stockist and repairer of EMG Eldro and Elhy Thrusters for the Australia – Pacific region.

A regular inspection and service provides an up-to-date condition and performance report for your brakes.  

Please contact us to arrange a complete Audit of all your industrial braking systems.

Wear Products

Weld Overlay and Q&T Wear Plate

A complete range of wear plate solutions across a number of grades is offered, available in a range of thicknesses from 4 on 6 through to 32 on 10.


Product Services

– General and wear plate stud bolt welding
– Stud sized from M12 to M24 available

– Up to 32mm on 10mm weld overlay plate and 100mm Q&T wear plate
– Capacity of 100sqm + per week cutting

Post Sale Services

Installation and ongoing maintenance of new and serviced parts undertaken by WASS personnel, all handpicked through a strict recruitment process. Onsite personnel may consist of Project Manager(s), Safety advisor(s), Engineer(s), Supervisor(s), Tradesmen and other skilled workers. Stringent WASS Safe Work Procedures are followed at all times, adhering to client expectations.

Our WASS teams are capable of maintaining chutes offsite and onsite, with any of our available wear liners. This involves replacing the wear liners that have experienced wear with new liners and new parent chute material that are no longer fit for purpose.

Please contact us to find out more.

Wheels, Bogies and Shafts/Axles

WASS manufactures and supplies high-quality, long lasting wheels and axles to support the mining industries and maintenance programs and bogie wheels for onsite balanced machines including Reclaimers, Stackers and Ship Loaders.

Wheels and axles are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard 1418.1 and are designed to provide minimal rail wear. Hardened wheels produce a material hardness of up to 62 HRC which results in longer service life and a significant decrease in the wheel maintenance.

WASS manufactures both single and double flanged wheels with the ability to produce a range of diameters.

Please contact us to find out more.