Our company revolves, surrounds and embodies itself in all aspects of Australian mining based engineering.

We thrive on a challenge – utilizing our extensive experience and capabilities to deliver tailored turnkey project solutions for our clients.

Through our workshop and distribution facilities in Karratha and Perth, we provide off-site and onsite repairs, refurbishment services and engineering solutions on behalf of leading mining operations across the Pilbara and Gascoyne regions of WA and throughout Australia. We offer a quality service at a competitive price to all of our clients.

Offsite Repairs and Fabrication

Together with our affiliated CNC engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and being equipped with skilled labour and an industry suitable multi-discipline workshop, WASS has the proven ability to turn projects around fast and efficiently.

Our offsite capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Onsite Maintenance & Projects

WASS provides full turnkey, on-site mechanical and machine maintenance with support services to the Australian mining and resources sector.

Our services include:

Wash Down

WASS provides pressure handling trained personnel and equipment to perform ultra-high pressure wash down services to remove material build-up from mining plant and equipment on site.

Our wash down services include:

Engineering & Design

WASS provides design, construction and engineering solutions to clients in the resource and mining sectors. This includes engineering project management, from concept to commissioning, with detailed drafting and engineering support for projects and shut down maintenance works.

Project Management & Labour

WASS provides Project Management and Project Control support to its clients in the resource and mining sectors. With every project, we assemble a specialist workforce from our highly qualified and experienced team members to deliver a service of the highest standard. Our leadership team has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the mining and resources sector gained through years of onsite experience.

Our work in this area has provided our clients with significant improvements in both the time and resources required to complete projects.

Our aim is to provide effective project management and project control support to our clients to improve the efficiency and success of their projects. We understand that for any project to be successful, effective engagement with stakeholders is imperative.

Quality workmanship is our goal which is demonstrated in our end product and through our service report that comes with each refurbishment.


As a team, we are also focused on expanding our capabilities. Opportunities to do so will allow our team to work together, develop and integrate our broad knowledge basis to provide products and services to the absolute highest quality.

Offsite Repairs and Fabrication

Onsite Maintenance and Projects